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TU1-801: Freshman year - Class 8 - Split Rects - 7pm cst (Zoom)

Give me a A, give me a B, an L and an R . . .what does that spell? Nothing! So then leave those letters at home along with the plastic templates that you would have to trace and learn how to make crisp, clean half rectangles or what Deb Tucker calls a Split Rects®. By using the Split Rects® tool, you do not have to worry about shaving your plastic templates any more. There are 8 different size options with just one tool. Your stars will twinkle with these strong points.

Required tools: Split Rects®
Required Design Sheet: Split Rects (included with class fee)
Skill Level:
Materials Included:
Split Rects Design Sheet is included with the class fee
Studio 180 Design Split Rects tool

TU1-801: Freshman year - Class 8 - Split Rects - 7pm cst (Zoom)

$ 30.00

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