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Junior Year - All six Design Sheets (Includes Wedge Star, Offset Four Patch, Cyclone, Corner Pop III, Split Rects Bonus Units and Triangle Pizazz)

The Junior year curriculum of Tucker University offers 6 different project-based classes.  It is recommended to teach each project in three sessions to allow students the opportunity to master the skills and to construct the appropriate number of units for their project. 

New tools and techniques are taught during the Junior Year.  Previous classes are not required to participate in the Junior Year.  The Junior Year projects introduce students to tools and techniques that have not been taught in previous classes.  

Each class has a Project Design Sheet that is required so that students can pick their project size, determine their fabric requirements, and have fabric pre-cut in time for classroom instruction.  

Shops and instructors can choose a 4-project membership or a 6-project membership.  A 6-project membership creates 18 individual learning sessions. These projects can be taught in any order.  The projects are:  Wedge Star, Cyclone, Offset Four Patch, Triangle Pizazz, Split Rects Bonus and Corner Pop III.

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